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Chester McBenton||Age: 20||FC: Austin Butler*||Fairly Odd Parents|| OPEN


Chester always had a hard time fitting in with everyone as a child. When he was 10 years old, Chester was the typical geek (minus the smarts) with the pimples and braces, which of course didn’t get him any good attention, only bad attention. When he turned 19, he finally grew into his looks but he doesn’t see himself as anything but that ugly duckling.

Chester is the son of the one and only famous baseball player Bucky McBenton, but that is something Chester is not proud of AT ALL. His father was one of, if not the worst baseball player in the history of baseball and everyone called him Bucky McBadbat and of course since he is his son, the nickname stuck with Chester too. He feels that since his father was such a horrible baseball player, that he in a way set his future up for the worst because everyone recognizes him and teases him about his father. 


Chester is a natural comedian, whether he tries to be funny or not. His friends tell him all the time that he should be a comedian, but he doesn’t really think he’s all that funny. He has a low self-esteem and has a hard time thinking of himself as anything else except as a loser. Since Bucky is too embarrassed to show his face in public, Chester had to get 2 jobs to help the two of them get by. He has developed a workoholic habit and is constantly looking for new ways to improve at work, whether it’s school work or at his job.

Sexuality: Up to RPer


Timmy Turner —> Best Friend
Tootie Hartman —> Annoyance
Vickie Hartman —> Bully
Trixie Tang —>Annoyance
Mr. Crocker —> Annoyance
Francis Franco —> Bully
AJ Ralston —> Best Friend
Veronica York —> Annoyance
Wanda & Cosmo Poland —> Acquaintances

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